Remodeled Ring
Breath new life into old treasures

Broken or odd pieces need not be assigned to the back of the drawer.  Nor do pieces not to your current style. A sentimental piece that doesn't fit or suit, can be re imagined. 

The remodelled ring was created by transforming three rings and some earrings into one knobbly, gnarly and totally unique piece.  This is my favourite kind of work.

Client Feedback

I had three beloved but rather worn out rings & some unworn earrings..  I had no idea of a design so I gave Chele complete freedom.  Chele has turned these pieces into something absolutely unique.  She somehow weaves a special magic and so much feeling into her designs.  I would describe my ring as a treasure chest of jewels spilling into the sea.  The workmanship is simply first class.  Take your little treasures along to Chele and you will be as happy as I am with the end result. Amazing! JM from Clare, Suffolk 

If you would like to discuss a remodeling project please get in touch.