Olly Alexander wearing Lithium Quartz Ri
Hocus Pocus Earrings
Pink Sapphire Ring
Commission Remodel - Ring into Earrings
Commission Piece - Remodel of old rings
Disco Earrings
Hug Me Earrings
Dewy Bean Drops
Sand Bar Pendant
Handbag Earrings
Airline Earrings
Dali Tribute
Helping Hand Pendant
Arthur Earrings
Picture The Scene Pendant
Crater Lagoon
Fern Pendant
Mini Gateway Pendnat
Commission - Clients Stone
Black Rose Ring
Herkimer Baubles
Commission Piece
Black & Gold Ring
Fringe Studs
Gateway Pendant

The gallery of works you see here are a few examples of pieces that are now sold.

If you see something that you like, get in touch to commission something similar. Go to shop or see stockists.